Senior Management

Stanley Fu – Operations Manager

Mr Stanley Fu holds the position of Operations Manager at Rey Resources . Mr Fu has over 5 years’ of corporate and project management experience in the Oil & Gas industry and holds a masters degree in Finance from the University of Glasgow. Mr Fu previously worked as an investment advisor in the resources department of ASF Group and the Bank of China.

Art Malone – Projects Manager

Mr Art Malone was appointed to the position of Projects Manager on 27 March 2017 . Mr Malone is an experienced professional in the Oil & Gas industry with a background in engineering and management. With over 10 years’ in the resource sector managing both operations and large scale projects he brings this experience to Rey Resources.

 Shannon Coates – Company Secretary

Ms Shannon Coates holds a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University and has over 17 years’ experience in corporate law and compliance. Ms Coates is a Chartered Secretary and currently acts as Company Secretary to a number of ASX and AIM listed companies. Ms Coates is General Manager Corporate to Perth based corporate advisory firm Evolution Capital Partners, which specialises in the provision of company secretarial and corporate advisory services to ASX, JSE and AIM listed companies.