Corporate Governance

Rey Resources is an exploration and development company listed on the ASX.

Establishing itself as an oil & gas explorer and responsible mine developer, Rey Resources has adopted the following Corporate Governance objectives:

  • Community engagement and consultation on potential project plans and activities
  • Responsible environmental stewardship, including impact minimisation and the rehabilitation of project areas
  • Ensuring potential projects sustain indigenous culture and prioritise indigenous employment
  • Operating within local, state and commonwealth government regulatory and policy frameworks
  • Legal and financial compliance

To support these objectives, Rey Resources has developed and implemented corporate policies and charters relevant to its current operating phase. As activities develop, further policies will be adopted and embedded across the organisation.

Our Corporate Policies can be found below:

Continuous Disclosure Policy
Shareholder Communication Policy
Board Performance Review Policy
Risk Oversight Policy
Board Nomination Policy
Code of Conduct

Our Corporate Charters can be found below:

Audit and Risk Committee Charter
Sustainability Committee Charter
Securities Trading Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Board Charter
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
Diversity Policy

Corporate Directory

Company Secretary

William Kuan


Chartered Accountants
Level 8
167 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Share Registry

Boardroom Limited
Level 7, 207 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

PO Box 3993
Sydney, NSW 2001

T: 1300 737 760
F: 1300 653 459

Stock Exchange

Australian Securities Exchange

Registered Office

Suite 2/3B Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

T: +61 (0) 2 9251 9088
F: +61 (0) 2 9251 9066

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